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Ports need electric trucks. Forum Mobility has $400M to make it happen

Matt LeDucq, CEO of Oakland, Calif.–based startup Forum Mobility, thinks that California can meet its highly ambitious planned target to switch every truck serving its busy seaports from diesel-fueled to electric by 2035.

But he also believes that the state’s drayage trucking industry — the roughly 33,000 heavy trucks, many of them owned by independent operators, that shuttle cargo containers from ports to inland distribution centers on a daily basis — can’t affordably meet that goal without a company like his to shepherd the transition.

“We’re going to need billions and billions of dollars in California” to reach that target, LeDucq said — money for the electric trucks themselves, for high-powered chargers and electric-grid interconnections to keep them running on their daily routes, and for the hard-to-secure parcels of land to house this new fleet and fueling infrastructure.

Source Canery Media

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