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We began our journey by assembling a team of drayage and logistics experts who understand client service across a wide range of needs. Strategically situated in Long Beach, Hight specializes in port drayage – servicing California, Arizona, Nevada and Utah through the ports of Long Beach, Los Angeles and Oakland. Other services include:
Clients have come to recognize that Hight Logistics will do whatever it takes to meet their needs, whether we have to find additional yard space for containers, push back against per-diem charges or go the extra mile to provide visibility and on-time delivery. The Hight team is committed to delivering excellent results for our clients.
We embrace that same dedication when it comes to stewarding our planet – delivering the goods without the emissions. That’s why we’ve invested in our own fleet of 20 EV trucks with a range of up to 230 miles – as well as charging facilities with six charging stations. In addition to our extensive carrier network, we can now utilize our EVs and dedicated drivers for local transport needs, further reducing our carbon footprint.
This also puts our clients in a stronger position to comply with both state and federal emissions mandates, particularly in California.
But our commitment to sustainability doesn’t end there. We’ve forged partnerships with two prominent environmental organizations to make a global impact. Through our collaboration with Evertreen, we’ve donated 2,000 trees to be planted in Ethiopia and Madagascar so far, and keep donating more. Additionally, our partnership with the Ocean Conservancy aims to clean up the oceans, addressing the pollution caused in part by our industry.
Our team of nearly 50 professionals wholeheartedly embraces these initiatives. It’s all part of the vision inspired by our founder wholeheartedly embraces these initiatives. It’s all part of the vision inspired by our founder Rudy Diaz’s 9th-grade English teacher, James “Jay” Hight, at Virginia Episcopal School. Mr. Hight’s grace, compassion and love left a lasting impression on Rudy, leading him to name the company in his honor. Today, we continue to build on this legacy, treating clients, carriers, employees and the Earth with the same grace, compassion and commitment.
Hight Logistics - About Us


“I’ve been expecting you.” These were the first words spoken to me by Mr. James ‘Jay’ Hight upon my arrival at Virginia Episcopal School in Lynchburg, Virginia. I still remember the day like it was yesterday. It was a warm and rainy summer day filled with green lawns, big trees, and brick buildings, all of which were a stark difference from Watts, CA. I was wearing khaki shorts, a white T-shirt, sandals, and a UCLA baseball cap when I met Mr. Hight, who came out of his home with an umbrella in hand and was eager to greet me. He was clearly ready for the rain. Mr. Hight, like many of the teachers at V.E.S., lived on campus.
During my four years at Virginia Episcopal School, Mr. Hight (also the school’s librarian) was my 9th grade English teacher, an advisor, a proofreader for my English essays, a person I could joke with, a fan of the sports I played in, but most importantly, he was a sincere friend. He taught me the importance of writing ‘Thank you’ cards to my classmates’ parents who hosted me at their homes or to anyone who did something kind like take me out to dinner during parents’ weekend or after one of our games. Writing thank you cards seemed like such a simple thing to do back then, but now I realize the importance of this simple act and the value of thanking someone for their time, energy, and generosity through a written note.
It was because of Mr. Hight that I was able to attend my first Broadway show in New York City and see Phantom of the Opera in person. I’ve always loved the theme song, so this was a nice treat for me. I also got to visit Princeton University because he felt that it was important that I visit a friend of mine who had attended the same high school and see such an iconic educational institution in the USA. Little did I know, but Mr. Hight was expanding my awareness of the arts, culture, and exposing me to other PICTURE TO BE DECIDED PICTURE TO BE DECIDED WHY CHOOSE US? Our Values: Accountability. Adaptability. Loyalty. Patience. Respect. Our Leadership Team We give back to the environment by partnering with: awareness of the arts, culture, and exposing me to other parts of the country. Even after I left high school, he continued his cultural education by taking me to important landmarks in his hometown of Lexington, Virginia which expanded my awareness of United States’ history. I attended college near my high school, which allowed me to quickly stop in to see Mr. Hight every now and then. Mr. Hight and I stayed connected, for the most part, by writing letters or emails throughout my summer breaks in high school, my college years, my first years back in California after college, and through a few short visits to Virginia from Los Angeles.
Mr. Hight developed cancer and died on April 26, 2013. He was laid to rest in his hometown of Lexington, Virginia on May 2, 2013. He is truly missed by many. I miss his humor, our talks, his funny, but meaningful letters, which he would send by snail mail, as he called it, and our friendship. However, his legacy lives on and he is very much alive in my heart. It is for this reason that Hight Logistics Inc. was established as a business name on November 1st, 2011. This is one way that a man of grace, compassion and love can be remembered in history.
Thank you for taking the time to read about Mr. James Hight and learning how his impact on my life led to the name of our company, Hight Logistics Inc. I am honored to have known him, and it gives me joy that Hight Logistics and its team of staff can be of service to our customers’ and partners, just as Mr. Hight was of service to others during his lifetime here on earth.


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